Friday, March 30, 2012

Transfer Paper Newbie!

So I decided it was time to make my grandson his first Super Hero Cape.  I used an old t shirt (recycle! reuse!) and cut the back out, leaving the neck band so he could slip it over his head.  I saw this idea on another blog, but can't remember the name to give credit where credit is due, so my apologies to the owner of this idea!  I found an image of a garbage truck ( he LOVES the garbage truck) and printed out the image on transfer paper.  So far, so good.  Got the image ironed on just like the directions said, waited til it cooled, peeled off the backing on the transfer paper, and this is what I got:

OOPS, didn't think about the fact that the ENTIRE SHEET would transfer!  So back to the drawing board.  Found another t shirt, printed the image and cut around it this time.  Success!